Screens (Windows and Doors)

New Screen Frames

CRT can manufacture new screen frames to fit your windows and doors for your home or business. Screen frames are built using heavy duty gauge aluminum framing with steel corners making it not only sturdier but more weather resistant as well. They are crafted using your choice of aluminum or fiber glass screen material with framing in your choice of colors – Bronze (brown), white, and no finish (aluminum). We also offer solar and pet screen material to meet all your needs.

Re-Screening/Screen Repairs

Screen repairs include adjusting and working on your existing screen window and door screens. Replacement handles, wheels, locks and specialty parts are available. New screen frames can be built to replace old or worn out screens when needed.

Choice of Screen Fabrics

Pet resistant screens, screens designed with low visibility, or glare or sun control fabrics can be used. In addition to the choices in screen mesh itself. Types of materials available include solar screens, pet screens (thick and quite scratch resistant), aluminum, and fiber glass screens.

fixing screen