Windows, Exterior Doors, and Sliders

New and Replacement Windows

Window selection for any home or business is a very important decision, whether you are interested in new construction or replacement windows, CRT has the expertise and experience to help you complete your home or business improvement project. New or Replacement windows are an easy way to increase the value, efficiency and beauty of your home or business.

Replacement windows not only increase the value of your home but help you save money and improve energy efficiency at the same time. When your old windows are replaced with new energy efficient windows you and your home benefit from the technology advancements in glass and energy efficiency. If you have original windows in your home whether they are 10 years old or 30, they may be drafty and allowing the heat of summer and the cool of winter into your home. In this case, deciding to replace your existing windows with state of the art, energy efficient windows may be your best option. Whether you are interested in tempered, impact, or laminate, call today and our experienced technicians will come to your home and offer you the best solution to your window problems!

New construction windows are typically associated with new frame-up construction. Windows used in new construction are nailed directly to the frame then the exterior of the house (brick, stucco, siding, etc.) is then placed over the flange of the window thus providing the original built in look that comes with new construction. New construction windows are available in all sizes and with all types of glass options to fit your specific needs.

Exterior Doors

A new exterior door can increase the value of your home and add boost your curb appeal. When upgrading your exterior doors, there are many features and details to consider. With everything from unique architectural styles to distinctive details like pattern glass panels and decorative hardware, there are countless ways you can transform your front door into an elegant entrance.

Exterior doors are available in a number of configurations that should be considered in order to make the most of your entrance. Choose a single door, or a double door to create a grand entrance with twice the opening space or add a sidelight to your door, it brings light into your entryway as well as gives the perception of a larger foyer. Whether it’s a door slab or prehung system, inswing or outswing, solid panel or glass panel let CRT help you decide what door configuration is right for you and transform your door into an elegant entrance.

Sliders (Sliding Doors)

Sliding glass doors (sliders) are one of the most popular features in any home. They provide convenient access while creating open views that flood interior spaces with natural light and provide the perception of a larger interior space.

As with all doors and windows with Sliders there are a number of configurations that should be considered in order to make the most of your entrance. With the advanced technology in energy efficiency and varying options including protection against sound and ultraviolet rays, automatic locks and impact resistance sliding door glass, and glass options that retain heat in the winter and keep heat out in the summer. From wood and vinyl, grilles and decorative dividers, textured glass to blinds between the glass our Sliders are built to order based on the configuration and design that meets your needs, and measurements taken by our experienced technicians ensuring an exact fit every time.

Reasons to consider replacing your Windows and Doors

  • Wooden frame around existing window or door is rotten
  • Windows or doors are drafty
  • Energy efficiency
  • Save money
  • Difficulty opening and closing existing windows
  • Increased security features on new windows and doors

Repairs: Windows

Why replace an entire window when you can just replace the glass? Whether you have a crack, a chip, or a broken pane in one window, or you have foggy condensation between your window panes, CRT can expertly repair or replace a single pane or the whole sash including all necessary hardware to ensure it functions correctly.

Some of the most common repairs we do are for foggy windows and balance spring replacement. A foggy window is a result of the insulating spacer around the perimeter of the glass breaking down and allowing moisture to get between the glass permanently discoloring the glass package often giving a foggy and condensation appearance. Our technicians are experienced in fixing energy efficient windows and can replace the insulated glass without having to replace the window. If your windows are not closing properly or going up and down as smoothly as they once did it is very possible that the problem is in the balance springs. Let our technicians come out and inspect the window and figure out why it’s not operating the way it should – most likely the balance springs are old and faulty and our techs can replace them on site and get your window back to opening and closing the way it was originally designed.

Before you replace, let CRT see if we can make the repairs on your window (s) at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Repairs: Exterior Doors and Sliders

Glass in and around exterior doors and sliders also has a tendency to break, crack or become damaged and can also be repaired, replaced, or upgraded to restore or create a new entry to your home without the hassle of a whole door replacement.

A poorly working or damaged exterior or sliding door can be a massive hassle and prevent you from having access to your outside space. Sliding glass doors in particular, while beautiful when in tack, can prove quite frustrating if they don’t glide (open and close) properly or have cracked or broken glass. CRT has been repairing sliding doors since we opened our doors. From replacing sliding door rollers so the door glides smooth along the track, replacing locks and hardware, to replacing the entire glass on the sliding door and lubricating all weather seals. Our technicians are extremely knowledgeable and professional and will do whatever necessary to repair your door at a fraction of the replacement cost.